Established January 21, 1911

The Women’s Canadian Club of Calgary was formed to enable its members to become more knowledgeable as Canadians, and to foster a sense of pride in our Country.  In the early days, new members were required to be British subjects and to have two existing members as sponsors. Today, no sponsorship is required and we welcome women from all walks of life to join us; our membership roster also includes a number of men.

Through the years, the Club has provided an opportunity for our Members to become informed on a wide range of topics - local, national and international in nature. We provide a platform for distinguished speakers who both inform, and entertain us at our monthly luncheons.

Our past guest speakers have included  Prime Ministers of Canada -  R. B. Bennett and John Diefenbaker, Premier of Alberta - Peter Lougheed, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, member of the Famous Five:  Nellie McClung, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta -  Lois Hole, and Governor General of Canada - Roland Mitchener.

 More recently, we have had the pleasure of hearing from celebrated authors such as Judge John Reilly, Cheryl Foggo  and Kirstie McLellan Day, medical experts: Dr Patrick Mitchell, and Dr. Shelagh B. Coutts,  Academy Award Nominees: Amanda Forbis, and Wendy Tilby, and Harvey the Hound’s original alter ego Glenn Street, to name but a few.

 Luncheons have always been held in the Fairmont Palliser’s Crystal Ballroom.

 Prior to the luncheon, members and their guests enjoy a Sherry Reception and the opportunity to chat with friends – old and new.


       Gillian Inglis     

Past President:

Vice President:
              Joanne Phillips

Recording Secretary:
          Cindy  Loudfoot

          Shirley Handel

Dining Room Chair:
           Carol Lynne Gregory

Membership Chair:
        Noelle McKinley
Speakers Chair:
         Joan Hillson

Publicity Chair:
         Lorraine Holden

Director at Large:
          Susan Green


Dining Room:
        Kathy Covey 
          Jennifer Goodman

           Donna McEwan


Corinne Knittle